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One of the most challenging parts of starting a brand is the initial idea. Ideas come and go, but what you do with each one of them, will make it stand apart. 

If you have an idea and need help scaling this, do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

Branding and Strategy


Full set of digital marketing strategies: beginner, growth and dominance


How will your business look, depends on how you make it happen.


Long term strategy investing in disruptive technology.

Let me introduce myself


Journey Begins

A beginning of a successful degree in International Business and Management from a presitigous university in the United Kindgom.


The First One 

First successful partnership with Aircraft Model Store Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Initial revenue of the company was under £250,000 per year.


money talks

First investments in stock markets. First ever share bought was Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. 


Google Me

Google Certification with specialisation in Google Ads, Merchant Centre and Google My Business. 


First Delivery

The beginning of something new. First website delivery for the Hobby Store Group in the UK. 


Let’s Go!

Keep on progressing and success will find you! There is always a new day, so nothing will stop us back.


Great person to work with! Best execution! Great support all the way from the beginning of our brand until today! Thank you!

Ben Curtis

CEO of Hobby Store Group Ltd.

I contacted Igor to find more about investing, one of the best decisions in my life. Numbers don't mean anything until you know how to read them.


Beginner Investor

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how can I increase your knowledge today?

Excellent and very professional service from Igor. He is the man!

Katie Wright

BT HR Department
Quick tips

What is infrastructure?

What you see is no way close as to what is going in the back-end of a business. All e-commerce websites have a front-facing, customer friend and an easy-to-use website (hopefully). However, what many people do not realise is the massive amounts of work that is going on in the background.

An online business is usually made up of these 3 key elements: website (point of sale), operations and marketing. If you take off one of these elements, there will be no business.

If you take away any one of the components, there is no business. You cannot sell or promote products, without an online presence, be it a marketplace or your own website.

A business that is malfunctioning will not last for very long. In this day and age, people expect to receive goods immediately and be in control of the full process. No structure means no business.

Have you ever heard of Leveson Ready Sporting Goods? Right, I thought so, this is because I just made this up. Without a marketing campaign, it is practically impossible to reach your target audience.

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